Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Philosophy Wire: Sagan, death, materialism, dogmatism and why we are not just a "pale blue dot"...

Philosophy Wire by Spiros Kakos [2014-05-27]:

Sagan talking about death to his daughter Sasha: "[...] it can be dangerous to believe things just because you want them to be true. You can get tricked if you don't question yourself and others, especially people in a position of authority. [...] anything that's truly real can stand up to scrutiny." But it's not all doom and gloom. Sasha describes how her father tried to impart upon her the wonder of being alive. "We are star stuff, my dad famously said, and he made me feel that way," she writes. [1]
Sagan always had the best way to say the most death-loving things.*
We want to believe we are dead.
We want to believe we are just obedient (to physical laws) dust.
And we dare to call that "living".
And we have the nerve to call dreamers those who do not share our vision of nothingness.
How rude...

* Remember the epic "We are just a blue dot"... Sure. A small dot of consciousness defining the universe in its every aspect. (see Mind and Morphogenetic fields article)

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